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Saxonsea Secondary School is a public high school situated in Hermes Avenue, Atlantis. The school was originated in 1985 under leadership of the first appointed principal Mr T.Davids and currently Mr D.Claassen is the principal of our school. There are 2100 students served by 57 teachers, with a learner-to-teacher ratio of 37:1. The school was constructed during the Apartheid era and faced numerous challenges between 1985 and 1995.

Since 1996, the school has distinguished itself in the Atlantis community. Every year, the school improves on a variety of fronts, including culture, sports, and academics. Saxonsea Secondary School has consistently produced the best academic results in the Atlantis area. Our school has always placed a strong emphasis on academic achievement and discipline.

The Western Cape Education Department launched a project to provide school halls and mod centres (halls that allow a sport to be played indoors) at various schools throughout the Western Cape.Saxonsea Secondary School's school hall was built towards the end of 2021, making history. The most significant benefit has been to our school and learners, who now have a safe place to gather for assemblies, school events, and other after-school activities that keep our children off the streets.

Saxonsea Secondary embraces innovation as education should not only be affordable and excellent, but also constantly evolving to meet the demands of a volatile globalized environment.The school is currently expanding to meet these demands.The school will use new methods through technology which will facilitate the learning processes to make the curriculum content much more presentable and easier to understand.

The Saxonsea Secondary staff works hard to maintain unity, loyalty, and devotion. As educators strive for quality education, results, and the holistic development of our students in order to prepare them to live as full-fledged citizens in a changing society.

Mr T. Davids

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Mr D. Claassen

Mr D. Claassen