Saxonsea Secondary is a public school that strives for unity, loyalty and commitment. As staff, we want to focus on quality education, results and holistic development of our learners in preparation to survive as full citizens in a changing society.

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In order to realize our vision, the following will be carried out: 

  • Saxonsea Secondary endorses the values of unity, loyalty and commitment through mutual support and cooperation between learners, educators and parents. 
  • Creating quality education, excellent results and researching an effective and challenging learning environment. The continuous development of new and innovative teaching methods that can be applied to a broad spectrum of levels in the education system.
  • To offer a comprehensive curriculum with academic, cultural, sports, religious and life skills components in order to ensure a holistic development in every aspect of school activities.
  • The values of the constitution will be protected and contained in the code of conduct of the school with the provision of the necessary skills, abilities and value systems in order to cultivate full-fledged citizens.